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based in Washington, D.C.The event, g▓athering over 200 people from politics,


next y▓ear.COMMON INTERESTS STRONGER THAN DIFFERENCESBeijing and Washington, after having come together 40 years ago united by common strategic inte▓rests, have seen the expansion of their cooperation

an▓d common interests in

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bilateral, regional and global issues, the ambassador said.Their wide-ranging common interests have stimulated bilateral relations in▓ the past 40 years and will serve as an important fou▓ndation of thei

r future ties, he said.As

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hi▓story proves, the common interests of China and the Uni▓ted States are greater than their differences, Cui said, a▓dding that this will ensure the sustainabl▓e and healthy development of bilateral ties

.Referring to crises in

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bilateral relations, including the U.S. bo▓mbing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia in 1999, Cui said that the incidents took place either in or near Chi▓nese territory.Thoese incidents were triggered by move

s from the U.S. side tha